Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Try It Tuesday

Once again I am writing about food for “Try It Tuesday”. See? I told you I love to eat. Anyone mentions “new product” and I immediately think of food. So, here we go again…..

This week’s food product is in the dessert family. I do love my sweets and, as my hips can attest, cakes, cookies, pies, candy, ice cream, etc. etc. are all very high on my list of favorites. I’m perfectly willing to eat “healthy” sweets but the reality is, generally speaking, no matter how much I try to tell myself otherwise, they just don’t taste as good. I love fruit, but not as much as chocolate cake. I adore sweet, creamy, low fat yogurts, but not as much as ice cream – REAL ice cream. I think Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are great, but not as great as a Haagen Daz bar…..You get the idea. I truly love sweets and the low fat, low calorie substitutes rarely satisfy me for long.

So, the other day I was shopping at Costco (I do LOVE that store) and I was wandering around in the frozen food section when I noticed this box:

I took it out of the frozen food case, eyeballed the calories and decided I would give it a try. I’m always TRYING to be good. It’s just so damn hard!

I truly do have a love affair with ice cream going on. Any type, any variety, any flavor and I’m there. I love it especially in the blazing heat of summer, and, since the average daily temperature where I live is 100°+ on a daily basis throughout the summer, there is lots of ice cream consumption going on around here. I not only love the sweet and creamy chocolates and vanillas and strawberries by the ½ gallon, I also like sherberts and sorbets, bars and cones, sandwiches and patties, and pretty much anything that qualifies as cold and sweet.

So when I picked up this box of sorbets I was intrigued on a couple of levels. First of all it’s in the ice cream family which means it’s cold and sweet; second it is quite low in calories; and then, to top off my interest, it has a “gimmick” in that the servings are presented to you in the shells of the fruit they represent. Coconut shell, pineapple husk, orange rind, mango skin, etc. So I bought it and brought it home.

My family was less than enthused ‘cause unless the ice cream carton says “caramel praline delight” or “oreo cookies and cream” or the like, they are not interested. However, I was very interested and proceeded to immediately open the box and try my first sorbet.

The first one came out of the box looking like this:

I was all ready to like it just because it’s so cute, but surprise! I liked it because it tasted so good! Rich and smooth and creamy with a great pineapple taste.

As I write this, I’m sitting here with a coconut shell in front of me and it’s filled with yet another smooth and creamy ice cream treat. This time it’s a wonderful coconut flavor that I am enjoying.

These treats are really tasty, very different, low in calories and fun to eat. Give them a try!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Try Those Chicken Patties!

I love to eat! To anyone that knows me this is not a revelation. The problem is that I love to eat wonderful tasting, fully satisfying, delicious food and, more often than not, that means the food in question is fattening. Since I am a chronic Weight Watcher, this is a problem for me.

Therefore, when I find something that is indeed fully satisfying and delicious AND, as an extra added bonus, it’s not overly fattening, I am a very happy camper. I have found just such a food and I’m here today to tell you about it.

We eat a LOT of chicken at my house, simply because as a WW queen, chicken and fish are better for me than a good rib eye steak. As a result, I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to prepare or buy chicken.It’s not enough that the chicken tastes good and is low in fat and calories, it has to be easy to fix too or I’m not real interested. I do like to cook, but somehow, the older I get, the more I like to make reservations instead of making dinner.

Therefore, when I saw this package, I stopped and gave it a second look. The lady was cooking up the patties (Costco is famous for their samples) and offered me a bite. I gave it the sniff test (it smelled great) and then read the box…….
Hmmmmm, chicken….already cooked….full of veges…..just brown and serve….I’m trying it. And Omigod, it was wonderful!! I mean truly write home to mother, skip around the room, dance a little jig, wonderful. It is tasty and juicy and satifying, well-seasoned and flavorful, and I just can’t rave enough about it. I immediately threw a box into my cart and made a note that we now have a new chicken staple at my house.

It is extra good grilled over charcoal or just spray a little Pam in the frying pan and toss in your patty. It can also be cooked in the microwave, but I like a little brown on my meat, if you know what I mean! Brown it up, hot it up and you are good to go. Nuke a little baked potato and some steamed fresh veges or throw together a nice salad (or both) and you have dinner in just a very few minutes. We also like to take these patties and make delicious hot chicken sandwiches. They too are wonderful!

They are conveniently packaged in twos, and they come in a box of 8 patties all ready to pop in the freezer. I bought these at Costco but I saw the same patties under a different brand name at Trader Joe’s. Haven’t tried the Trader Joe version yet, but they look very similar. If you don’t have either of these stores in your town, ask your super market manager to order and carry this product. You’ll like it!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Try it Tuesday

I haven’t posted in quite a long while but my sister has started a new “thing” over on her blog called “Try it Tuesday”. Since I’m always trying new things, I thought I’d join in and tell you about some of the products that I have discovered that have served me well.

Today I’d like to tell you about a moisturizing cream that I have found that is simply the best thing since sliced bread. I have always suffered with dry skin. I mean REALLY dry skin, with cracking and splitting and flakes and itching and pain and aggravation. I’m sure part of this is caused by the fact that I live in a climate with 0% humidity and average temps of over 100 every day for 4 or 5 months a year. To say it is hot and dry in this part of the world would be a minor understatement. I also imagine I just have a natural tendency to have dry skin. We all have our issues.

I think I have tried about every moisturizer in the marketplace from the common brands of lotion you buy at Wal-Mart to the Bath and Body lotions in the mall and the specialty items specifically made for problem skin. All of them helped to some degree but nothing really cured the problem. Just made it feel better for a while and then back to dry, itchy skin.

And then one day I found it……Nirvana! I came across the website for Origins products. I can’t recall exactly how I got to their website the first time but I think I saw a magazine ad for some interesting sounding “body soufflé”. Since I’m always a sucker for trying a new cream, lotion or moisturizer of some kind, I ordered a jar. It was VERY expensive (at least to me) and I thought along the lines of “it better make my skin feel like soft, sleek, expensive, silk for that price”, and guess what? It does! However, the body soufflé, which is truly wonderful, is, surprisingly, not what this post is about.

With each order of Origins body soufflé that I receive, they always send me a sample of one of their other products. A few months ago they sent me a sample of something called “A Perfect World” described as “intensely hydrating body cream with white tea”. Anything that is “intensely hydrating” means it’s immediately going on my hands. My hands are my biggest problem when it comes to dryness. They crack and split at the tips of my fingers, usually right at the edge of my nails, and it is EXTREMELY painful. My entire hands are always dry no matter what product I have used, but my fingertips are the worst.

So I took the sample tube of “A Perfect World” and I slathered it on my hands daily for the few days that the small tube lasted. It was wonderful! Rich and creamy and it immediately soaked right into my skin, not just sitting on the top as many products do. By the end of the tube, I was hooked and I ordered a jar. Now, several jars later, I can honestly say that this is the best moisturizing product I have EVER used on my hands. My hands are soft and normally moist, not dry at all, and best of all, no cracked fingertips!! I can’t remember the last time I had a bad split or crack on the tip of my fingers. I just don’t get them anymore. This is truly a wonderful, fantastic hand cream. I put it on generously every night at bed time and that’s it. No more problem hands. Try it, you’ll like it!!